Everyone who’s anyone has a website these days. It lends credibility to your name, gives your potential customers a sample of what you offer and, well, everybody’s doing it.

OK, ok, I can hear my mom now… if everyone jumped off a bridge would you do it too? Well, no, because nothing good would come of that behavior…

But having a website provides more good than we can talk about.

But I’m not one for repeating what others have said so eloquently and accurately.

USA Today has 5 REASONS WHY SMALL BUSINESSES NEED WEBSITES. If you would rather hear Forbes3 Reasons Websites Are Vital for Small Businesses, that’s cool. And just for good measure, let’s read the 7 Reasons Every Small Business Should Have a Website according to The Balance Small Business.

When you’re ready, contact us so we can help you get a website up and going. Already have a website but need help maintaining it? We can help with that too.

And I’m a small business so I understand your needs.