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One last leg…

I got to sleep in Aimee’s old room last night. It’s so cutely decorated!! It was so comfortable! When I get my own place I do have to buy a bed and THAT mattress on that bed is what I am going to buy! I felt like Goldie Locks in the Three Bears story and that bed was “just right”. I slept so good! I didn’t want to wake up when my alarm went off. I was tied from all the excitement the last 2 days getting here! I was excited last night and couldn’t fall asleep right away when I went to bed. But none of that mattered. Kelly and Randy were still going into work and I needed to get on the road and on to my final stop – my friend Jill’s house in St Charles, MO.

I tried to stay behind, but Michele came back for me!

I got all my stuff gathered up, asked Randy about where to get gas, plugged in Jill’s address and was off! Because of the direction I parked the truck last night, I had to circle the neighborhood a little bit. Boy was I glad I did! I realized I forgot Tyson!! He was up on the mantle in Kelly and Randy’s living room. Good thing I remember or I would have been super sad!! I circled back around and pick up my little buddy and THEN I was on the road again!!

Randy said the QuikTrips seemed to have the best fuel prices right now. Randy and Kelly both work for FedEx. I trust their knowledge of fuel prices around town! I stopped for gas and a new diet pepsi at the QuikTrip in Tulsa OK. It was still over cast, and it made me a little sleepy. But I was excited to get on the road and on to Jill’s house.

Half a tank of gas later, a few phone calls to my friends and it was time to stop again.

It seems like all I did was get gas, listen to books on Audible and snack. I brought so much food I didn’t even make a dent in everything!! Anyway, I stopped at the I got the TA Truck Service and got the cutest toys for the grandkids!! If you see them, don’t tell them, but while I was in there I found the cutest Hillbilly Cell Phones. It was the cutest little thing and Bentli, my grandson is just convinced that at the ripe old age of 8, he needs a cell phone. Mind you, this child has been Facetiming me in the middle of the night, when he wakes up from a bad dream on his iPad since he was 2. Yes, I said 2. Sweetest calls ever. And I cherish those. Anyway, I think they will make fun birthday presents so I get one for him and one for Brooklynn, my granddaughter, who is also 8. More on them later.

Love’s Travel Plaza Rolla, MO. mcDonald’s

I was starting to not feel so great. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t really had any meat for nearly 3 days. I did have my peanut butter sandwiches yesterday and the day before, but no meat, like beef or chicken or fish. So I thought I would try to find somewhere that I could get a burger or chicken nuggets. The drive throughs were open, but I couldn’t pull my 10′ truck with a car in tow through the drive through.

It’s a real concern for these truck drivers too. Even the “restaurants” in these truck stops were at bare minimum. I felt bad ordering a meal from there for fear what if they ran out for the truck drivers. Anyway, I was thrilled that the Loves in Rolla had a McDonald’s that had a lobby open. I went in and got a burger. Of course, with my dumb stomach, I could only eat about 1/2 the burger and then I felt like throwing up. I’ll tell you more about my dumb stomach another time.

I was back on the road and I was just sooooo tired. I didn’t want to stop because I wanted to just get to Jill’s. So I called my mom to talk to her and try to stay awake. It just wasn’t working. I had to stop at Dottie’s Family Restaurant and park over in the truck rest area there and nap for about an hour.

I initially thought it was because my siblings had kept me up late the last 2 nights and I was up so early to get on the road and continue my journey. But in reality, it was that I was coming down with pneumonia. I had this sharp pain in my left lung when I breathed in. I get it about every year. Usually with a nasty cough. And I get a chest x-ray and am told I have pneumonia and bronchitis. With all this COVID-19 stuff going around, I didn’t want to bother anyone with my ailment.

Anyway, I took about an hour nap and felt so much better and was able to get back on the road again. Did I mention it was POURING down rain! Like so bad there were times I couldn’t really see the road all that well either. I was hoping the rain would let up while I slept, but it didn’t. It always seems to rain when I move.

Made it!

I continued to listen to my books, snack on my snacks and before I knew it, I was finally to Jill’s house!! Yay!!

I have known Jill since about 7th grade. I am so thankful to be at her house for this brief time so I can find an apartment of my own and start my new leg of this journey I call life.

It’s the first day of the rest of my life!!

One last leg…

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