Let’s Play a Little Catch Up!

So I got to St Charles, my buddy Jill’s place. And I wasn’t feeling quite right. We waited until the next day to go unload the truck and I nearly passed out unloading. That’s not like me.

That night I took my temperature and it was 101.7. I kinda panicked a little. I was super tired, my left lung hurt when I breathed/coughed. Sneezing was out of the question. It even hurt to hiccup!

COVID-19 was on my mind.

I had just traveled across the country and interacted with so many people. But really, I wasn’t coughing that much and I know this pain in my lung. I get it nearly every year in November. Not this past November so I thought my Bronchitis and Pneumonia were just late in arriving.

I tried to go to the urgent care down the street and it was closed. So I went back to Jill’s and got in bed.

The next morning I went to urgent care and they did a chest x-ray and confirmed it was pneumonia. They also did a flu test and ruled out I had the flu. The doctor still wanted me to get a COVID-19 test to make sure it wasn’t that.

I got my test scheduled for Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. Clearly they were super concerned about me actually having it.

The doctor gave me two different antibiotic and I started taking them that night.

A few days later, with lots of rest and soup, I started feeling better. By the time Tuesday came around I felt nearly 100% better!

I’ll have stories to add as the days go on but I gave myself permission to not keep up with the blog while I recovered.

Oh, and 6 days later, I got my results – no COVID-19 for me.

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