The Creative Phrog


A Walk in the Park

Today I decided to take myself to Forrest Park. I haven’t been to Forrest Park to walk around, well, ever. I’ve been to the Zoo, which is across the street, but I can’t remember just walking around Forrest Park ever. As I walked around, listening to the birds chirping, the water rushing, the people talking, […]

Core Weakness

Our core weakness is what causes us to stumble in life. It’s what trips us up when we think we have it all together. The good news is, we are not destined to be stuck in our weakness. As an Enneagram Type 3, my core weakness is deceit. I think I am only the image […]

Core Desires

Today I am thinking about my core desires as a Type 3 in the Enneagram. They are the things that I am always pushing towards. My positive motivations, if you will. They are what I believe deep down will satisfy all my cravings, make me feel whole and make my life complete. Surprisingly, it’s not […]

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