Our Approach

Not only have I been in your shoes, I am in your shoes. I want to offer the small business the opportunity to run with the big dogs with out spending big dog money. This isn’t my get rich quick plan, this is my empower to small business to not only survive but thrive in this world. It’s the small business owners that really are living the American dream.

Our Story

Our? There isn’t an “our”. It’s just me. Semi-retired, jack of all trades, master of some. I got into this as a focus because it’s something I can do while traveling the countryside, enjoying the RV life.

Yes, I’m really good at what I do. Yes, I could still be working full time for a fortune 500 company managing their website, but I don’t want to. I want to have a small business that takes care of other small businesses and gives me a creative outlet while I enjoy the semi-retired life.

I’ll never take on more clients than I can handle. Only one client will be in the set up phase at a time. It’s just how I roll. So let me help you.

Meet the Team

Team? Well, I do have a team. There’s me. I do all the work here. There’s my amazing partner, Mark. He supports me and my need to have a creative outlet and make the world a better place. There’s my kids and their families that bring me great joy! There’s my parents. They were the ones that always said, “Michele you are smart enough to do anything, you just have to put your mind to it.” And I believed them. There’s my siblings and their families. There’s my friends. They give me the confidence and connection to the working world – they aren’t retired yet.

I could go on and on about my amazing network of friends and family. Bot for now, I will just leave you with a few fun pictures of my latest adventures in semi-retirement life.

Michele Thompson


I’m the one on the right. I was in Mexico, at dinner with some friends and we ran into Anne Burrell, Food Network Star! She is super nice!

If you’d like to see what I have done with my work life, you can visit my LinkedIn page.

Mark Calhoun

Partner in Crime

And the best supporting partner goes to Mark Calhoun! He’s the best!

We were in Yosemite National Park when this picture was taken. We are part of the Thousand Trails family. Love it! If you enjoy camping (tent, RV, cabin) this is the program for you!

Julia Tramel and Keegan Thompson-Gay

My great kids

These are my greatest creations! We were hiking the Grand Canyon, Havasupai Trail to be exact, one summer. Seemed like a fun thing to do. And it was!

Next Steps…

So if you’d like a help getting your company on “the map”, shoot me an email and we can talk! Be sure to include the best way to reach you.